Faiza Farhan


Faiza Farhan

Career Summary

Faiza is a Project Management and Change Management Specialist who has an ability to drive versatile projects such as technology solutions implementations, HR re-organization, and process improvement initiatives etc., that align organisation’s business goals to achieve bottom-line gains.

A seasoned Project Manager, Faiza holds over 15 years of professional experience in planning and managing projects in diverse areas such as: IT solutions, Marketing and Training & Development etc. Faiza has served Pakistan International Airlines for 14 years as a Change Management / Restructuring Specialist. In her tenure she has led various re-engineering initiatives that the organization had been actively undertaking to achieve process efficiency.

Besides, she is an ardent trainer and a versatile facilitator, and specializes in identifying performance gaps and executing concrete learning and development initiatives. She also has expertise in cross functional communication.

Faiza is a Masters in business administrations, alongside she also holds Graduate Diploma in Consumer Psychology and Certification in Project Management.


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