Talent Pulse

Why we Exist

Amidst ongoing business challenges, identifying and securing the right talent, particularly for critical Finance roles, can be a formidable task for organizational leaders and hiring managers. Talent Pulse was born out of a recognition of this challenge, with a team of seasoned finance professionals boasting over 100 years of combined experience.

Our Niche

We specialize in talent acquisition and management tailored to the intricacies of the finance and accounting function, offering a unique approach that sets us apart from traditional recruitment agencies. You can download our profile here

Values that drive us

Expertise: Unparalleled industry knowledge backed by years of hands-on experience
Integrity: Highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct
Innovation: Embracing change and innovation to stay ahead in the ever evolving finance and accounting landscape
Collaboration: Working closely with clients, candidates, and stakeholders to achieve mutual success

Our Mission

Empowering finance and accounting organizations by delivering top-tier talent, strategic project support, comprehensive evaluations, and continuous professional development Mission

Our Vision

To revolutionize the future of finance and accounting talent management, harnessing technology and innovation to connect exceptional professionals with forward-thinking organizations

Our Services

Specialized Recruitment

The foundation of our specialized recruitment service is a thorough assessment of candidates, encompassing both technical and non-technical skills and expertise. Our team of senior industry experts conducts in-depth evaluations, providing valuable insights that enable informed hiring decisions, ensuring the perfect fit for the role. 

Process Outsourcing

Our Global Resource Solutions service offers flexible and scalable onshore and offshore outsourcing options for accounting and finance resources. We connect you with skilled professionals to augment your team, providing expertise and support to drive business growth. 

Trainig and Development

Our training programs cater to finance professionals, covering financial management, financial modelling, Microsoft Power BI, IFRS, SAP FI & CO modules, risk management, and leadership skills. Expert trainers deliver interactive sessions, combining theory with practical applications. We also offer customized training for finance teams, addressing specific business challenges.

Deputation Placement

Our Deputation Placement service provides a strategic talent sharing solution, assigning experienced professionals from our network to your organization for a specific period. This flexible approach enhances your team’s capabilities, brings fresh perspectives, and drives success without long-term commitment.

The Org. Studio

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